Kentucky Disc Golf

Franklin, Kentucky
October 3 - 4, 2020

PDGA C-tier
Due to COVID restrictions, the courses in Bowling Green are not available for play as planned for this event, and the Bowling Green
sponsors will not be involved.
 Look for something special in 2021!

Pro Divisions: $60
All Amateur Divisions: $40

100% entry fee returned in pro cash and am players packs and prizes.  
Payout to top 40% pros, 45% ams

Two Rounds: one Saturday, one round Sunday,
Tee times will be used to insure social distancing requirements meet.

Pro (MPO-MP40) and Advanced (MA1, MA40) will play long tees in Saturday,
short tees Sunday.
All other divisions will play short tees both days.

Pre-registration only!  Registration closes at 5pm Friday Oct 1st.
Tee times published about 6pm Friday, first tee off at 9:00 am.
Tee order: MA65, MA55, MA50, Women, MA4, MA3, MA3, MA40, MA1, MP40, MPO

No players meeting - No award cermony - online live scoring - online payouts.

Pick up players package prior to teeing off on round one - we will have a list of the first 50 amateurs
registered, and the later registrations will get a gift card to use on site.

Play a provisional if you have any questions about OB (look at the paint and rules included with the
scoring app on each hole before you tee off)

Trophies wll be awarded to all divisions with over
7 registered players one week prior to event as you complete
your final round

Pros may request a check on site, mailed, or paypal (Goods and Services fees apply)
open on Disc
Golf United
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2015 Results from
the PDGA page

2016 Results from
the PDGA Page

2017 Results from
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2018 Results from
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2019 Results from
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Players Package from Dynamic Discs:
(first 50 amateurs
One Westside
or DD custom stamped disc
One Latitude 64 Custom Stamped disc
1 reusable DD tote bag
1 Coozie

Amateurs who are after first 50 will get a
gift certifict to use on site.

Established 2005.  Designed by HB Clark, PDGA # 553

On or beyond any pavement or noted walking trail is Out of Bounds
In Creek surrounded by water is OB
Some rock erosion areas are OB as noted
Top of the bank of the creek on hole 14-15-16
No 2- meter rule on this course


       Short        Long        
Hole 1        245        290        Road to right and playground (and black border) long OB
Hole 2        400        495        Road to left, parking lot long, and shelter long OB.  White fence NOT OB
Hole 3        490        553        Road to left and in river OB
Hole 4        275        345        In river OB
Hole 5        500        750        Over horse rink fence OB, road long OB
Hole 6        380        440        Played as Island hole, tee shot must clear white fence or go to drop zone
(just through gap in the fence) with penalty.    
White fence to right of drop zone, and paved road long OB
Hole 7        290        370        On ball paved ball courts OB, in shelter OB, over white fence to right OB
Hole 8        280        395        In shelter, in playground (and black border), or
or over road and parking lot long OB
Hole 9        325        450        Parking lot long, or over fence to right OB
Hole 10      360        400        Road to right and long, gravel parking lot OB
Hole 11      420        480        In rock area OB, on paved parking lot, on or over road long are OB
Hole 12      460        625        In rock area ahead or beyond rocks on left OB, long tee must clear road and stay left of road or re-tee
with penalty.  On
parking lot, on paved sidewalk, or on pavilion concrete OB above the basket.
Hole 13      340        475        In shelter or on sidewalk to left OB
Hole 14      265        345        In creek (note painted lines) OB.
 Over bank right of hole beyond end of paint is OB.   Gravel path to left is NOT OB.
Hole 15      
360        520        Creek (note painted lines) to right OB.  Gravel path to left is NOT OB.
Hole 16      425        580        Creek to right (note painted lines) and paved road left
and beyond is OB.  Fence way long is NOT OB.
Hole 17      315        425        Road to right, parking lot to left OB
Hole 18      235        370        Over any ball fence or in batting cage OB
Amateur Prizes on line
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