Southcentral Kentucky
Community and
Technical College
Disc Golf Course
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Disc Golf Course
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Bowling Green Technical College DISC GOLF COURSE
Established 2011

On or beyond any pavement is Out of Bounds
Over any fence is Out of Bounds
In any parking lot is Out of Bounds
No 2- meter rule on this course
Mando's missed - re-tee with penalty stroke

Hole 1        360        Mando to right of first tree, parking lot left OB
Hole 2        220        Mando to left of trees, OB line to left on property line
Hole 3        520        Pavement parking on left, pavement on road long
Hole 4        440        Fence on left and road pavement long and right OB
Hole 5        335        Fence on left and pavement (walking trail) long OB
Hole 6        325        Pavement left and long OB
Hole 7        375        Fence on left OB
Hole 8        285        (safety fence not OB)
Hole 9        450        (safety fence not OB)
Hole 10      370
Hole 11      250       
Hole 12      305        Double Mando trees in front of tee
Hole 13      210
Hole 14      305        Double Mando trees in front of tee, parking lots and roads OB
Hole 15      440        Road and parking lots on right OB
Hole 16      330
Hole 17      345
Hole 18      270        Mando left of tree in front of tee