2015 Fund Raising Discs
Supporting manufactures have made LIMITED runs of 100 discs to support this massive event.
ALL $20 EACH (limit of two per person)
pay pal to BGdiscgolfCLUB@bluegrassdiscgolf.org
and include mailing address, discs ordered and any other info.
Also available at: Bluegrass Disc Golf - Bowling Green KY

Gateway Wizard

Prototype Spears

Gateway releases 100 of the prototype "thumb track" putters.
Comes in gold or silver stamp
Includes 2014 Happy Holiday gateway mini!

Innova Full Color stamped Star ROC 3
Art work by Skeet!

A rework of an earlier disc, back by players demand noting
the home of the corvette here in Bowling Green

All weigh 180g

Innova recently molded a fresh batch of Star Thunderbirds specifically
for the 2015 Bowling Green Ams fundraiser.

Voted the 2014 Thrower's Choice Disc of the Year from All Things Disc
Golf, the Thunderbird is finding a permanent home in many bags across
the disc golf universe.

Read more on the flight of the Thunderbird.
Jeremy and the guys have made the BG AMS a
Moonshine Suspect for our fund raising disc!

Only 100 were printed, and 1/3 were bought prior
to announcements - so jump on board if you
want one.


Green, Silver, Gold, Red, & Purple stamps. If you
pre-ordered they are in the mail already . . . enjoy
this great midrange from Dynamic Discs.
Moonshine Suspect

Thanks for all the
support in purchasing
these great Dynamic
Discs fund raising discs.

Prodigy made us100 Black PA4’s in 750 series
plastic. This putter has never been released. It
was used for the PAR 2 exclusively.
These are the only blacks made to date.

Most weigh 174g, a few in the 160s and 170-173
Foil is gold, purple, white and rainbow colors
Discraft ESP GLOW Buzzz

The discraft buzzz bee makes an
appearance on the BG Amateur
Championship Disc for a fund
raising disc for 2015!
Color of the Bee is Orange, Green, Yellow, or Pink
All 177g+ weight

Be sure to send color choice
and address in pay pal notes.