Hobson Grove Park
Disc Golf Course
Bowling Green KY
Directions from
PDGA Website
Established 1977

On or beyond any pavement is Out of Bounds
(gravel roads OK)
No 2- meter rule on this course

Smoking is not allowed in this park, except in the parking lot.

Hole 1         241        
Hole 2         500        Road to left OB
Hole 3         261        Road to left OB, on parking lot OB
Hole 4         266        Road beyond OB
Hole 5         276        
Hole 6         227        
Hole 7         196        
Hole 8         256        Road long OB
Hole 9         308        Road to right OB, parking lot OB
Hole 10        297       Road to right or left and beyone OB
Hole 11        229        MANDO - left of pole, if missed one
penelty stroke and move to drop zone; paved road to right
Hole 12        224   (SKIP THIS HOLE IN EVENT)     
Hole 13        334   
Hole 13A      280    
Hole 13B      265      (SKIP THIS HOLE IN EVENT)       
Hole 13C      255      (SKIP THIS HOLE IN EVENT)   
Hole 14        303        
Hole 15        141        
Hole 16        241        Road to left OB
Hole 17        249        Road and parking beyond OB
Hole 18        295       On road or parking lot OB
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Bowling Green Open Warmup
@ Hobson Grove Park:
March 27, 2021
click here to register
Details below

Bowling Green Open Warmup @ Hobson Grove Park
click here to register          click here for results

PDGA C-tier event for open to anyone.  Non PDGA members will have to pay an
additional $10 PDGA fee.

Play the
course set up like it will be for the Bowling Green Open A-tier.
This event is a
fund raising event for the BG Open A-tier, but with players
packages, payouts, and all PDGA rules in effect.

One round on 18 holes set up like the BG Open Course

First 50 amateurs registered will receive a BG Open fund raising disc so
register on line!

Amateur entry fee $33  ($2 PDGA fee and $1 course fe
e included)

Amateur prizes will be online through Disc Golf United, mailed out
Wednesday March 31.  These gift certificates can be saved and accumilated
through the year.

Pros will have 80% of the net entry fee returned as prizes.  Tthe other $10 will
go to the BGO pro purse added cash.  
Checks or PayPal (G&S) payouts.

Pro entry fee $5
3 ($2 PDGA fee and $1 course fee included)

Flex start - just show up between 9am and 1pm and we will put you in a group
and send you off!

Play the Sunday C-tier at Miller Park and make it a weekend in Bowling Green!