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Franklin - Simpson Disc Golf Course
Community Park, Franklin KY
Established 2005.  Designed by HB Clark, PDGA # 553

On or beyond any pavement  or walking trail is Out of Bounds
In Creek surrounded by water is OB
Top of the bank of the creek on hole 14-15-16
No 2- meter rule on this course

             Short        Long        
Hole 1        245        290        Road to right and playground long OB
Hole 2        400        495        Road to left, parking lot long, and shelter long OB
Hole 3        490        553        Road to left and in river OB
Hole 4        275        345        In river OB
Hole 5        500        750        Over horse rink fence OB, road long OB
Hole 6        380        440        Fence to right and road long OB
Hole 7        290        370        In ball paved ball court OB, in shelter OB
Hole 8        280        395        In shelter, in playground, or road long OB
Hole 9        325        450        Parking lot long, or over fence to right OB
Hole 10        360        400        Road to right and long, gravel parking lot OB
Hole 11        420        480        In rock area OB, on paved parking lot, on or over
road long are OB
Hole 12        460        625        In rock area ahead or beyond rocks on left OB
Hole 13        340        475        In shelter or on sidewalk to right OB
Hole 14        265        345        In creek beyond road OB
Hole 15        260        410        Creek to right OB
Hole 16        425        580        Creek to right and paved road left OB
Hole 17        315        425        Road to right, parking lot to left OB
Hole 18        235        370        Over any ball fence or in batting cage OB
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Course will be closed for public play
April 18-20, 2019,  while hosting
The 2019 Amateur Championships at Bowling Green
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